The Team

Executive Director

Professor Andrea L.

Professor Johnson produced the original Aeronauts 2000 curriculum in 1996 under an unsolicited grant from NASA. Johnson is a Harvard law graduate and emeriti law professor who an expert in technology-based learning. She served on  President Clinton’s Transition Team for Science, Space and Technology, focusing on the National Science Foundation under Dr. Sally Ride. She designed a web-based authoring platform for skill-based learning, called Cyber Workbooks, and was a Carnegie Scholar.   She is very active in philanthropy and has sponsored scholarships at several institutions and volunteers for Hospice of the Western Reserve.  

Since retiring from law teaching in 2015, Johnson has focused  on intergenerational collaborative efforts between seniors and young people with the hope of  engaging young people to create solutions for the benefit of all. 

 Aging Component

Dr. Mary

Dr. Mary Milidonis, PhD, MMSc, PT, Associate Professor, Director Certificates in Gerontology, Milidonis is currently Associate Professor and Graduate Faculty in the Health Science Department at Cleveland State University. Dr. Milidonis research interests are in the area of geriatrics, orthopedics, arthritis, disability, community exercise, clinical outcomes, and professional education. Dr. Milidonis developed the curriculum for the sensitivity training for interns in working with seniors.


Professor Joshua Tanenbaum <>  

Professor Joshua Tanenbaum is Assistant Professor at the University of California-Irvine, Department of Informatics. He is responsible for training the interns on the iterative design process and designing Technology Survival Toolkit. Professor Tanenbaum is pioneering the development of physical narrative environments, interactive costume design and hybrid physical/digital storytelling systems capable of literally bringing a player into the game. Professor Tanenbaum helped the Aero crew create a prototype for an interactive virtual game on living in space.

Biomedical Evaluation


 Professor Brian Davis       949.555.1212 x 123  Dr. Brian Davis holds both a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a master’s degree in Medicine (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and a Ph.D. from Penn State University.   Dr. Davis has led a number of initiatives focused on rehabilitation technology and instrumentation for assessing a patient’s risk for diabetic foot ulceration, and  has worked with NASA in evaluating astronauts in Space.  He is also leading an educational program named “BEST Medicine” that encourages middle and high school students to develop interests in engineering, science and technology, particularly as these relate to designing novel medical devices.   Dr. Davis has advised the crew on creating gerontechnology solutions for seniors. 

Faculty Coaches

Steven BeckaSteven Becka studied Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University while serving in the United States Naval Reserve.  Worked in the industrial and Manufacturing industries for 16 years in Design Engineering, Engineering Sales, Project Management and Product Development. He is currently studying Physical Therapy in the Physical Therapy Assisting program at Cuyahoga Community College. Mr. Becka assisted the students in converting the game to a board game that could be played by seniors. 

Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Dr. Carolyn Anderson is a emeriti professor of communications at the University of Akron. She teaches intercultural communication and  has published over 50 research articles on a variety of topics.  She is  also a group specialist and has conducted focus groups.

Gail Lynn Howard

Gail Lynn Howard teaches Geriatric Physical Therapy in  Cuyahoga Community College’s Physical Therapy Assisting Program.  She is certified as a clinical instructor and is a licensed physical therapist assistant, having practiced at University Hospital, Visiting Nurses Association and a variety of nursing homes throughout Cleveland.