Aeronauts 2000 Crew

 Dan Falokun, Shaker Heights High School ‘17

I was a member of the Aeronauts team last year. I have a strong interest in science, math and technology, having worked as an intern with the Cleveland Clinic, started my own web development business, and founded the Business Club at my high school with two other juniors.

 Nathaniel Wain, Shaker Heights High School ‘17

With a passion for building with LEGOs and attending Robotics Camps at the Great Lakes Science Center, I plan to major in mechanical engineering in college, to follow in my family’s tradition in STEM careers.

 Noah Jalango , Shaker Heights High School ‘17

I have been interested in science and technologies for as long as I can remember and have stopped saying I want to be an inventor, and now want to be a type of engineer when I go to college.

 Sean Kelly, North Royalton High School ‘17

I enjoy the symmetry in buildings, structures and works of art that I create. I enjoy chemistry and physics of all the sciences: chemistry because with the right mixture, you can create different compounds that do amazing things; and physics because it controls and explains everything that is happening around me on a daily basis.

 Matthew Lupu, North Olmsted High School ‘18

I am intrigued by this project because of my interest in STEM, visits to John Glenn Center and Kennedy Space Center, and observations on NASA’s joint efforts with Space X and Boeing to create the next generation of rockets that launch and land on its own. I enjoy the efficiency and brainstorming that occurs when groups problem solve and know that quick and rational thinking is the difference between winning and losing.

 Emily Statzer, North Olmsted High School ‘18

I want to become a doctor, having been inspired by shadowing doctors and nurses and seeing their compassion and intelligence. Technology, though, blows my mind in how it can be used in different areas of science. I hope that we can use the data generated from Scott Kelly’s year in space.

 Eric Hamden North Olmsted High School ‘18

I participated as a judge and tester in Aeronauts 2000 last summer. I am interested in Space and the Medical fields, volunteering at a Stem Cell Lab in greater Cleveland, Junior Medical Camps dissecting multiple organisms; and have lead teams on Mock Trial and Model UN Clubs.

 Louise Xu- University of California, Irvine’19

I worked on the Aeronauts 2000 project last summer and my exposure to STEM education from the educator's perspective gave me insight into how to approach my education as a freshman. I have an interest in science and technology, particularly in robotics. I am studying electrical engineering and am currently working on automated systems at UCSD.

 JJ Hsu University of California, Irvine ‘19

My interest in computer and technology started at a young age. I am now majoring in computer science with an interest in computer programming and the theory of computation. Since none of my classes have been difficult, I want to experience failure and grow from it by taking harder classes.

 Zach Little University of California, Irvine ‘19

I was one of the members of Aeronauts 2000 last summer. I have had a lifelong passion for gaming, technology and human ingenuity and am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I am also an entrepreneur having sold my first products through my e-commerce business.

 Sloane Stack, University of Cincinnati ‘20

I will be a freshman at the University of Cincinnati studying electrical engineering. I am fascinated by automation and how technology can have such a powerful impact on a population. Math and I go hand in hand because it comes so naturally to me, and unlike language, math is universal.

 Shainelle Maynard, Cuyahoga Community College Physical Therapy Assisting ‘18

Since being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 5 years, I have had a desire to find the source of pain and prevent and manage it so that people may live pain-free lives. I am the perfect asset to the team as the highest ranking platoon sergeant in the Cuyahoga Valley Young Marines.

 Chao-Nien Chen, Physical Therapy Assisting ‘17

Before starting a career in the health sciences, I was a student of fine arts and have an active imagination that allows me to conceive of com-plex ideas in my mind and present them artistically to others. I also like math because I like to problem solve and video games.