Aeronauts 2000  Intergenerational Pilot Project  challenges our young technology leaders of tomorrow to create tools to improve the lives of older adults today. This summer thirteen students from Shaker Heights High, North Olmsted High School, Cuyahoga Community College and the University of California, Irvine  worked as interns to conduct research on space challenges of living on Mars, aging on Earth and game design.  NASA studies show that there is a correlation between the physiological changes of living in Deep Space and the aging process on Earth, such as bone loss, sensory and cognitive impairment, and isolation.  Students used their research and field work with seniors to design an inter-generational  board game that requires players to identify resources  and parts to build a  multi-purpose vehicle, deep space habitat, and physical diagnostic and monitoring devices, while avoiding climatic disasters. Ultimately, the tools created will be integrated into a 3D virtual reality game that  could become  technology aids for seniors called “Gerontechnology.”